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Standard Business Cards

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Are you looking for high-quality business card printing services in Harare Zimbabwe? Look no further than our professional printing services. We specialize in creating Standard business cards in Harare that are sure to make a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Our experienced team of designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your business cards, ensuring that they reflect your brand and message. We use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that your business cards look great and last for years. With our fast turnaround times, you can be sure that your business cards will be ready when you need them.

From standard business cards to Luxurious card stocks and letterpress business cards, we got you covered, as we carry the widest range of paper stocks. Be remembered at your next meeting or networking event with exquisite business cards. Printleaf works with large and small businesses alike. Your business cards will be treated with care.


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Standard Business Cards Printing In Harare Zimbabwe

Your brand is sure to be a smashing success when you employ the use of standard business cards  from Adlyn Printers! With a plethora of printing options as part of our Business Cards Printing services in Harare Zimbabwe, our standard business cards   can suit the taste of any client. Whether you’re getting ready to start up your first business from home or you’re already a well-established and well-known corporation, we have just the right standard business cards   printing for you! These aren’t just your standard business cards in Zimbabwe that you can find at any location that sells business cards cheap. In fact, despite our highly affordable rates for printing business cards online, our standard business cards   are high quality, reliable, and versatile! Professional business cards are so important in this day and age and help spread the word of your company’s attitude. Order business cards in Harare Zimbabwe through our easy portal and get the exposure you deserve! Get started right away with the custom print business cards shopping cart on your right hand side or read on to learn more about why choosing Adlyn Printers for your standard business cards   is best!

Standard business cards   Specs In Harare Zimbabwe

Size & Shape

Those of you who have ordered standard business cards   in the past are likely already familiar with the Zimbabwe and USA-standard size of 2″ x 3.5″. While you can certainly never go wrong with this classic, there are actually a lot of great sizes to choose from depending on your needs and also depending on the location of your clientele. Please take a look at our guide to Standard Business Card Sizes so you can make an informed decision about the size of your standard business cards ! Our standard sizes in the standard business cards   shopping cart range from 1.5″ x 3.5″ to 3.35″ x 2.17″, but you’re also welcome to request a custom quote with unique dimensions for your standard business cards !

Not happy with the traditional rectangular or square standard business cards   shape? Let us know that you’d like die cutting done when you request a custom quote and be sure to provide the die lines of how you’d like your uniquely shaped standard business cards   to look. We look forward to seeing your creativity!


Having an effective paper stock for your standard business cards is incredibly important. Not only does an effective paper stock for standard business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe allow them to feel great in your hand, but it can also ensure they are long lasting and stay in pristine condition as they’re carried around in wallets, pockets, and folders.

You can never go wrong with the house standard 14pt Cover – Semi Gloss, a sturdy and versatile coated stock whose thicker 16pt counterpart offers extra protection. Need thicker? Opt for our 28pt Super Cover – Semi Gloss!

Not a fan of gloss? How about investing in standard business cards printed on our 14pt or 16pt Cover – Matte, a reliable and versatile uncoated cover stock. As with semi-gloss, this stock has a 28pt Super Cover – Matte version too!

Moving away from the house standards, you might want our ever-popular 17.5pt Cover – Eggshell Ultra White, which offers a gorgeous textured eggshell-like finish. Or go for the 16pt Cover – Fine Finch, an affordable, super smooth and elegant cover stock.

Not a fan of any of these paper stocks? No problem! We are not limited to the paper options that appear in the standard business cards shopping cart, so please have a look through all our paper stocks and make a request for a custom quote once you’ve found what you need!


Our full color digital printer uses a blend of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) in order to produce any color on the spectrum, which is then applied to the front and back or front only of your standard business cards . As you decide on the colors and design of your standard business cards , we recommend having a look at our Adlyn Printers Blog post: How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out? We look forward to seeing your design!

Standard Business Cards Order Assistance


We have plenty of specialties available to be added to your standard business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe. Options range from textured soft touch laminate, velvet lamination, and letter pressing, to tactile embossing, debossing, foil stamping (using our foil color chart), digital foil (with limited colors), and more! Learn about the differences between two of our most popular specialties at Digital Foil Printing vs. Foil Stamping. You can also explore other creative choices such as spot UV coating, white ink, duplexing and edge painting, and rounded corners! Request a custom quote for help with adding any specialties to your standard business cards in Harare Zimbabwe!

Design Templates

Business cards templates can make all the difference when trying to jumpstart your creative process. Enjoy business cards free templates, available in a variety of sizes and file formats. Make use of our online tool for business card design, free of charge and explore different themes and industries that can help you make your standard business cards magnificent!

Customization (Summary)

When you order standard business cards from Adlyn Printers, you can completely customize their size, shape, paper stock, color and design, specialties, and more! Order from 50 to 2,000 standard business cards at a time, with the possibility of multiple versions, and enjoy a turnaround time as quick as the same business day! Please keep in mind that shipping time may vary by location.

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Run a company? You should set up a corporate account for easy future orders. We’ll save your design preferences and give you your very own corporate printing portal for future restocks. You’ll even have a team ready and waiting to help you out with any design and ordering needs! Other types of standard business cards   you may be interested in include Circle Business Cards, Digital Foil Business Cards, and Metallic Shimmer Business Cards Printing In Harare Zimbabwe! Get started on your order of standard business cards in Harare Zimbabwe today!

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