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Square Business Cards

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Square business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe. A modern take on a classic tool.

Business trends come and go. But when it comes to a networking staple, nothing beats having a business card ready to give away at a moment’s notice. Most business cards can do the trick. But if you want to stand out and stick into the minds of customers, try distinctive square business cards. With a modern, no-nonsense layout, square business cards catch more attention, making them great conversation starters. It’s rare for people to receive a square business card and not take a good look at it. Hand over these square business cards at conferences and trade shows or insert them into one of your packaged products. Either way, these cards capture people’s attention and help drive more customers to your company.

Small size. Big impact.

They may be tiny, but they pack a punch. Our square business cards come in three sizes that you can customize according to your needs:


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Square Business Cards Printing In Harare Zimbabwe

Do you need a way to set your business cards in Harare Zimbabwe apart from the competition? Try thinking “inside of the box” with specialty Square Business Cards from Adlyn Printers! Exchanging the traditional rectangle for Square Business Cards is a simple yet effective way of grabbing people’s attention, whether they are new customers, prospective business partners, or your future boss at a job interview. Let the shape of your custom square business cards speak for itself, or amp up the design of your Square Business Cards In Harare Zimbabwe with show stopping printing specialties, flashy color schemes, and other custom design elements available through Adlyn Printers. Whatever design aesthetic conveys your personality, we’re here to keep the process simple as you print square business cards that stand out from the crowd!

Square Business Cards Specs

Size & Shape

The aspect of Square Business Cards in Harare Zim that make them so special is the fact that they’re, well, square! But limiting your shape doesn’t mean limiting your size options when it comes to Square Business Cards. In fact, you can make your square business card any size you like by requesting a custom quote and entering your size specifications. Our design team will match your specs perfectly and have you review your business card square’s size before you proceed to the design. If you aren’t too particular when it comes to size, you can zip through this step by selecting one of our standard size options, either 2.5” x 2.5” or 3” x 3”, for your Square Business Cards. You can always reference our helpful Standard Business Card Sizes in Harare Zimbabwe  guide to ensure that your choices are in line with industry standards – or give you confidence as you break with tradition and choose a custom size that will leave a big impression!


Once you’ve committed to the shape and size of your Square Business Cards Printing In Harare Zimbabwe, selecting your paper type is where the fun really starts. Adlyn Printers boasts a vast array of premium paper stocks, and you can select any type for printing your custom square cards. One of our most popular options is 14pt Matte Cover Stock, a sturdy and versatile uncoated cardstock with timeless professionalism. If your Square Business Cards are on the small side, try pairing their dainty size with the heft and weight of 28pt Super Cover Paper in either Matte or Semi-Gloss finish. For eye-catching shimmer, you can also print square business cards on our 14pt Stardream Metallic Crystal White Cover Stock. We have paper stock options to match any style of Square Business Cards, so if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, request a custom quote to have our design team find your perfect paper match.


The full spectrum of color is at your disposal when you print Square Business Cards through Adlyn Printers. Our high-quality, full-color digital printer can print even the most colorful design either front-only or both front-and-back, with pristine results on every Square Business Cards print job. By blending cyan, magenta, yellow, and black/key (CMYK) inks, our print process results in crisp, colorful results in any shade you can imagine. We even offer specialty white ink printing, which really pops against any patterned or solid-colored background. Thanks to Adlyn Printers’s advanced printing technology, your Square Business Cards can be as colorful as you are!

Custom Square Cards Ordering


Regardless of whether you find square business cards good or bad, you’ll soon find out that our printing specialties add that element of quality that takes any design to the next level, in the best possible way. Imagine Square Business Cards with the glistening glamor of foil stamping in gold, silver, or any other shade available in our foil color chart. Or add a hint of color around the rim with edge painting that really packs a punch when your Square Business Cards are stacked together into a cube. Embossing and debossing add a lovely, classic look to balance the mod shape of your Square Business Cards. You can even treat yourself to velvet lamination for a soft finger feel as you whip a card out of your square business card case. Reach out to us for a custom quote to add on any specialties that may not be available directly from your shopping cart, and feel free to combine multiple specialties for Square Business Cards with a truly customized look.

Design Templates

Square Business Cards veer a bit outside the traditional business card layout, so it can be helpful to start with a square business card mockup as you work on your design. This is why we offer free, downloadable design templates for Square Business Cards in several different formats (AI, PSD, PDF, and JPG). Simply plug in your info, make a few tweaks to personalize it, or go wild with our printing specialties for a totally unique feel. If you could use a little more help getting started, check out our Adlyn Printers Blog, where we post tons of helpful design advice with full-color photos for inspiration. When it comes to square business card ideas, you might be especially interested in our relevant posts, Digital Foil Printing vs. Foil Stamping and How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out?. You are welcome to recreate anything you see on our blog onto your Square Business Cards design – we’ll take it as a compliment!


Here at Adlyn Printers, our goal is to give you a totally customized, hassle-free experience as you print your Square Business Cards. This is why we put you in the driver’s seat, making all the design choices about paper type, size and shape, color scheme, printing specialties, and more. You also get to specify your shipping quantity, whether you just want 1 sample or larger quantities from 50 to 1,000. Whatever size order you put in for Square Business Cards, you can be assured that our team will have your print job ready in time for the shipping turnaround you specify: either same business day, next business day, 2 business days, or 3 HOUR RUSH. While shipping timelines vary based upon location, our in-house turnaround time is always a guarantee – in other words, it’ll be there or be square!

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We all like to change up our business cards from time to time, so if you’re ready to try something different from Square Business Cards, our Business Card Printing in Harare Zimbabwe page is a great place to start. Standard Business Cards Printing in Harare Zimbabwe are anything but standard when you layer multiple printing specialties for a customized look. Break free from squared edges with Die Cut Business Cards in any shape you can imagine. Leaf Business Cards Printing in Harare Zimbabwe feature another non-traditional shape that is still understated and professional. If you’re interested in taking advantage of special discounts and online features for business customers like you, consider opening a corporate account with Adlyn Printers. We’re happy to partner with you in facilitating all your business printing needs in a timely, stress-free manner, always with top-quality deliverables. For best-in-class quality, service, and support, choose Adlyn Printers, the leading online printing service!


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