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Corporate Flags

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Corporate Printed Flags in Harare

A promotional corporate printed flag in Harare Zimbabwe fluttering in the wind is an excellent way of attracting attention.

 Seen from a long distance, flags are perfect for a whole range of marketing uses, including at retail and food outlets, trade stands or on car sales forecourts.

Easily transported, flags can be easily stored, protecting them from the elements when not in use.

Contact us about your flag options on 0776755565 for your events.


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In a crowded high street or business park, it can be difficult to be noticed. Businesses are looking for a cost-effective way of making an impression and increasing their brand awareness. Custom corporate flags printing in Harare Zimbabwe offer a sophisticated and easy-to-manage system to give your business recognition.

Create a bespoke corporate flag in Harare Zimbabwe that can promote your brand with a high-quality finish in any shape, size, colour and design you can think of. From traditional corporate logos, to contemporary portrait designs, you can choose from endless options to create the look and feel you desire.

Fit to new or existing flag poles and grab your customer’s eye with a dynamic and durable knitted polyester. The printing is UV stable and waterproof to ensure your brand is seen in all weathers.

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