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Cluster flags

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Cluster Flags are commonly known as flag fountains or cluster banners in Harare Zimbabwe. The unique design of this advertising banner allows for the slightest breeze to create an eye-catching movement of the 4 Telescopic or  Teardrop Sharkfin Flags to grab the attention of anyone passing by. Here at Adlyn Printers, our Telescopic or  Teardrop Sharkfin Banners in Harare are of the highest quality and will help create your brand awareness swiftly and effectively in no time! Catch the eye of all the by-passers with a unique design put together by our very own team or your own personal one – events and functions are a great place to put these to use – for your corporate company or small business. There a constant flow in new opening businesses and if this is the situation you’re in, these are a great way to get exposure and let people know about your brand! Any indoor or outdoor events have a large crowd that can be informed by simply putting up this banner in an area where everyone has to pass by. They are light when it comes to weight which makes setting it up so much easier, extremely wind resistant which ensures stability.

Get your message across in a stylish and visually stimulating way which will set a great tone for your brand at the same time – large scale branding made simple and easy for everyone to make use of.


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