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Branded Chairs

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Branded directors chairs are an excellent add-on to any event, promotion or golf day.

Our exclusive directors chairs in Harare are finished in a silky smooth yet durable light grey powder coated finish with a carrying weight of up to 120kg. These are by far the best quality custom branded director chairs in Harare Zimbabwe. All our directors chairs include full colour printing on the seat as well as the front and back of the backrest. The arm rests can be custom branded at a small additional cost if required. Carry bags are an optional extra, single and double bags are available on request.

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Branded chairs printing in Harare Zimbabwe are a great way to promote your products due to their functionality and practicality. They are especially important for outdoor events where there are limited seating arrangements. Seating can possibly take up the most amount of surface area for the venue, so why waste all of this potential advertising space?

Advantages of making use of our Branded Chairs in Harare Zimbabwe:

  • Dual functionality: It can aid your company in raising brand awareness while at the same time providing adequate seating for your clients – it also looks professional to have branded chairs
  • Quality guarantee: They have a robust structure that prevents damages and breakage meaning they are long-lasting and top of the range
  • Innovation: They differ to traditional branding products and are a great tool for new-age advertising – big or small businesses can make use of this technique
  • Longevity: Our prints will not easily fade so you can use this product for years to come – even in the rain or sun!
  • Item of Interest: Unlike other printed advertising (which people sometimes don’t acknowledge), many people will be actively looking for chairs at events and functions so they can have a place to sit down. You’re offering comfort while achieving brand awareness in one cost-effective and promising manner

At Adlyn Printers, we are able to print on all type of event fold up chairs (including event standard chairs, camping chairs, directors’ chairs printing in Harare Zimbabwe). Our camping chairs have a basic structure of aluminum skeleton that provides an impressive weight to strength ratio.

They are portable and light when it comes to weight, which makes them effortless to transport and set up and also takedown at the end of the day. Additionally, they are able to carry a substantial amount of weight, thus, suitable for most people to sit on. The actual branding will be printed on the surface of the chairs, made of nylon or polyester. They are able to easily withstand harsh weather condition and are resistant to excessive wear and tear.

For the best quality and cost-effective Branded Chairs in Harare Zimbabwe, order online today!

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